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If you want to preserve the good condition of your engine, it is important that you make the right decision when buying a lubricant for car. And it is that this decision will mark the difference in terms of good performance and engine life in the future.

You must bear in mind that, if your car oil does not lubricate the parts as it should or take care of cooling and cleaning all the components of the engine, in the long run it will lose performance and, therefore, years of useful life. Furthermore, you will notice that fuel consumption increases and buying car lubricant will end up being expensive.

What lubricating oil should I buy?

Knowing which car lubricating oil you should buy is easier than it seems. All you have to do is use the owner''s manual, where the manufacturer explains in detail what type of oil is ideal for each car model.

Types of car lubricating oils

Among the types of lubricating oil for cars that can be found today are:

- Mineral oils

Mineral oils are the most classic. These are derived directly from petroleum, through a process of refining the initial crude oil until an oil with the properties that each manufacturer requires for its engines is obtained.

This type of oil usually be used in older cars, since in 1995 the engines were not yet ready for modern synthetic oils. Its greatest strength is that they are the cheapest on the market, however, have a shorter duration because they are not as technologically evolved.

- Synthetic oils

On the opposite side we have synthetic oils. This type of car lubricant has exactly the same starting point as mineral oils, but through different treatments in the laboratory, are modified in order to comply with certain characteristics specific.

This type of oil It has a higher quality compared to mineral oils. Therefore, they are much more expensive, more stable, with a longer shelf life and greater resistance to temperature changes without losing their properties. All this improves both reliability and its level of performance over time.

- Semi-synthetic oils

Semi-synthetic oils are a middle ground between those mentioned above. As their name suggests, they are a mix between mineral and synthetic oils, predominantly the former.
With this type of oil, what is sought is to obtain a midpoint, both in performance of the lubricant, as well as in price, reliability and its useful life.

What to take into account when buying your car oil?

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying an oil is to know:

1. Current car oil

The first thing you should know is the type of oil that your car has. All you have to do to find out is pick up your vehicle''s owner''s manual and read it. It is important to know, because the ideal is to choose an oil that is similar or similar to the one you had. The reason for that is that sudden changes in oil types can damage your engine, causing it to not respond properly.

2. Regulations

We recommend you take a look at the regulations of each manufacturer (MB, OPEL, VAG, BMW,...) and other external bodies, which are responsible for controlling the quality standards of the oils. That way, you make sure you are buying a good car lubricant.

3. Ambient temperature of your area

Another factor that will help you determine what type of oil you should buy for your car is the temperature of the area where you are. The reason for that is that in those very hot areas the oil must have a higher resistance capacity and not be so liquid; on the other hand, in very cold areas, it should not be made excessively dense.

In general, the oils used today in vehicles are multigrade, that is, they have one viscosity at high temperatures and another viscosity at low temperatures.

Tips for the maintenance of engines and gearboxes

The most important thing with regard to car oils is to respect the manufacturer''s instructions at all times. For example, to have good maintenance on your engine It is recommended that the oil change be carried out between 10,000 and 15,000 km. However, it must be borne in mind that today you can find synthetic oils of such quality that they allow the change to be made after 30,000 km.

Normally, the car has a sensor that notifies when an oil change is required. If your car does not have this function, you can always see the status and level of oil on the dipstick, making sure that it is between the minimum and maximum marks, never above or below.  Ultimately, be sure to follow the manufacturer''s recommendations for specs and viscosity.

What brands of car lubricants do we have at Autotic?

At Autotic we know the importance of acquiring a good car lubricant, that''s why we have the best brands on the market:


The company Motul Over the years, it has managed to develop products that seek to combine a high productivity and excellent performance with respect for the user and the environment. The car lubricants that they offer us are considered to be among the best on the market.


LIQUI MOLY is a German company that is continuously innovating in its technologies to improve the quality and effectiveness of its oils for cars So if you want a good oil, this is an excellent option.

How do I know what oil my car has?

As we have mentioned before, the only thing you need to know what oil your car uses is the owner''s manual. In it, he explains in detail what types of car lubricants we can use.

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