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For many people keeping their car clean is essential, they want it to look resplendent at all times, both outside and inside. Also, cleaning your car regularly not only keeps it looking great, but also helps preserve and protect the manufacturing materials for longer, thus extending their lifespan, since you will be protecting them from the sun, dust, rain and other elements.

But to keep your car in good condition and looking shiny you will need certain car cleaning products such as polishes, cloths, microfiber, brushes, among others.

What kind of car cleaning product do I need?

To decide what type of car cleaning item you will need, you will need to determine what part of your car you want to clean, as these products vary according to the part of the car, whether it is the exterior, the interior or the upholstery of the car.

What to take into account when buying your car cleaning products?

It is important to be clear that in the market you will get a wide variety of cleaning products for cars, so it is essential that you take into account the following aspects when buying one:

- Which part of the car you want to clean

Being clear about this will help you choose the ideal car cleanerSince, as we have already mentioned, these vary from the area of your car, for example, if what you want is to clean the interior of your car, an upholstery cleaner will be ideal.

- Take care of your car paint

Obviously, you will not want your car''s paint to be damaged, for that you must make sure that the cleaning product you choose do not have harmful attachments and components for painting.

Types of car cleaning products

For the correct cleaning of your car, you need to know which car cleaning products are best suited to each area of the car.

The reason for that is that not all parts of a car are the same, so each of them must be treated with a different car cleaner, What:

- Cleaning products for car interiors

Clean the interior of any car with the right products helps to ensure that the interior materials are not damaged and that they look clean at all times, bright and remain intact for longer.
With this type of car cleaning products you can keep the interior of the car impeccable.

- Upholstery cleaning product

Over time, car upholstery suffers a lot of wear and tear, and it is very common for them to accumulate stains and dirt. For that reason, it is very useful to use this type of car cleaning supplies, since They allow to keep in excellent condition and clean the upholstery of your car.

- Cleaning product for car exterior

In this type of products we will find several polishes, cleaners, stain removers, anti-fog products for windows and windshields, among others that will be very useful to get a proper cleaning of the exterior of your car without much effort.

- Dry car cleaning products

We generally associate the use of soap and water with cleaning our cars. Today, however, thanks to waterless car cleaning products, eco-friendly car washing has become increasingly popular. Thanks to them, the dirt is separated from the car paint and encapsulated due to the technology behind these products, thus managing to remove dirt without damaging the paint.

Characteristics in the use of chemical products for automobiles

There are a series of characteristics that are important to take into account when using chemical products to clean your car:

1. The first thing you should keep in mind before using any chemical on your car are the manufacturer''s instructions, as some products must be mixed or diluted before use.
You should also bear in mind that the exposure time varies for each product.

two. It is important to note that certain car chemicals are used on a regular basis, while others should be used as needed. For example, cleaners, stain removers, paints, fillers, primers, glues and sealers should be used as needed.

3. You must verify that the product you are going to use is completely compatible with the surface. For example, plastic is a material that is very sensitive to solvents.

Four. Most of these products are flammable substances, so it is recommended take all necessary fire safety measures.

5. We cannot forget that these products are dangerous, and should be kept out of the reach of children: The products may contain very dangerous and harmful ingredients for health.

Car cleaning product prices

On AUTOTIC you can find a variety of brands of car cleaning products of the best quality and at prices that you will not see anywhere else.

We continually offer our customers unbeatable offers, so that you will find the ones that best fit your budget, since We have prices ranging from €4 to €16.

What brands of car cleaning products do we have at Autotic?

At Autotic we offer you one of the most recognized and renowned brands in cleaning products for cars throughout Spain: “Motul”.

Motul is a company with many years of experience in the sector,  therefore, it is constantly innovating to offer products of the highest quality on the market,  for the correct maintenance of all types of car.

Offers on car cleaning products and more

If you were looking for a safe, reliable website that offers you excellent offers on a wide variety of cleaning products for cars, you came to the right place.

In Autotic we offer our customers unbeatable offers in constant renovation, so you can buy car cleaning products that you need without spending a lot of money.

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